Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Knit Blue Slouchy Baby Hat

Yep... another knit hat. And yes, I'm still learning. I talked to some nice people and they gave me tips on increasing the hat to make the slouching. Of course, that same day, I learned how to M1 which is "make 1". This is to increase a stitch. In crochet, it's just an increase stitch. Pretty much the same thing :) After looking at my finished hat, I probably should have started the increase a round later than I did.

So, I also learned that I was probably casting on too tightly based on what others were doing. It all started to make sense. I always felt the first round (cast on) was so tight and so I tried casting on loosely and it was like the "ah-ha" moment! I've been having a lot of those lately! hehe

When I was nearly finished, I decided to add some type of design! Whatever, I was just playing around... 

Instead of decreasing, I decided to just cinch it up and close it up. And it turns out, I really like it. It looks like a little star design on top!

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