Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Knit Fisherman Ribbed Hat

I saw this tutorial by iKnits on YouTube when I first started to learn how to knit. I always start with videos since I'm a visual learner. So... the title said fast and easy. Imagine my excitement. When I tried to learn, I was really struggling with the P1B and K1B stitches. I couldn't tell where she was going through and I got really frustrated. So, I pretty much gave up.

Fast forward to 6 months later and I'm pretty comfortable with my knitting. The hardest part is working on my tension/gauge. I Just finished testing a pattern for the talented Destiny Meyers at KniftyKnittings. Check out the Knit Cabled Hats I made using her pattern. They are too adorable! 

So,  I go through my Pinterest of knit hats to make. I found the written pattern for the Fisherman Hat I tried by iKnits. Apparently this was the same pattern :) I decided to give it another try. OMG it really was easy and fast! 

I used whatever yarn I had with me, Loops & Thread Charisma in Forest. I know it's an easy project but over the moon excited about it!

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