Sunday, July 17, 2016

Knit Newborn Bib Overalls and Bonnet Set

I have wanted to make knit newborn props for the longest time. I started crocheting first and just picked up knitting 7 months ago. I started with chunky yarn and large needles. I've been getting more comfortable with written patterns and using smaller needles and thinner yarn.

I've pinned all these newborn outfits and have been dying to try it out. Since I have a new baby boy coming in next week, I really wanted to make a couple of sets for the session. 

Here are the patterns for the outfit. Shae Sims is so awesome!

Newborn Bib Overalls

Newborn Knit Rounded Back Bonnet

I love that most of her patterns are using the same size needles and I use mostly worsted weight yarn. I'm not sure if I made it according to pattern. I made a couple more and realized I did some things wrong. Good thing, this is a prop and not a gift hehe

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